Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Technology Making the World A Better Place

It's amazing what comes out in the world of technology, it seems, every day.

There has been a terrible epidemic of children being left and dying in hot cars lately. So now there's an app to help you remember the little person in your back seat. Truthfully, I have trouble understanding how this happens - but anything that helps is appreciated. If anyone tries this - let us know if it works outside of Israel.

BabyMinder is latest Israeli baby safety app

And Google does it again. Google Glass at work.
JewGlass will deliver customized Jewish information such as sunset times, directions to nearby synagogues and Hebrew translations. It also will provide information related to Jewish learning, such as the Torah portion of the week or the day’s Daf Yomi, and detect nearby kosher restaurants.
Jewish Google Glass ceiling broken

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