Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Modern and the Ancient in the Land of Israel

First - the modern news.

The United States isn't the first to think about green energy. Israelis are at the top of their game in the green technology field.

Israel’s first electric bus hits the road in Tel Aviv

To see how Israeli green technology is used around the world take a look at this website. This is one of  their projects.
Israel NewTech is launching an exciting new tool to showcase Israeli companies’ projects in the cleantech arena throughout the world – the CleanTech Map. This Facebook application allows visitors to view Israeli cleantech projects and installations anywhere in the world. Visitors simply go into the map, and search by either category and subcategory (for example – water- desalination) or by browsing the map. Visitors may then read about each project, view photos or clips, and contact the company.
  Israel New Tech

In ancient news -

If you haven't visited Israel, it's a fantastic place to be and see. Imagine walking in the steps of the forefathers and mothers thousands of years ago. We're so used to thinking that 1776 was so long ago when really in the annals of time it wasn't that long ago at all.

This article gives a great overview of amazing archeological finds in the ancient city of Tzippori. It makes me think that that I should go back and take a look.

In bits and pieces: Mosaic splendor at Tzippori

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