Sunday, November 16, 2014

Parshat Chayei Sarah - Welcome to the Journey

This past Shabbos, we read the portion of Chayei Sarah. It begins with the death of Sarah, our first matriarch.

I've always found the first sentence of this parsha a fascinating way to start,
"Sarah's lifetime was one hundred years, twenty years, and seven years..."

According to Rashi, one of our major Torah commentators, explains that each mention of years refers to different portions of her life - which totally makes sense. We can easily subdivide our lives into parts, when we were kids, before marriage, before having kids, after having kids, after the kids move out... etc. you get the idea.

What we can learn from the Torah making a point to break down her life is to take note that every part of our life is significant.  It's not just the destination, but also the journey. Each portion of our lives is a piece of the puzzle that is us.

Every portion of our life in significant. Every choice we make builds on itself - even and especially those choices we make as children and young adults. Those choices and their consequences create the people we become as adults. Did we take candy without paying for it? Did we sneak a peek on an exam or fudge a little while telling a story? Did we help a friend when they needed us? Did we clean up our toys without being asked? What seem like small choices as children becomes ingrained in our character as adults.

Take a moment to enjoy the journey - discover yourself. Appreciate the daily choices and options that present themselves to you - remember these seemingly insignificant choices (obviously not all choices - Coke vs. Pepsi, not of ultimate significance) help build the person you are and who you want to be at the end of it all.

Take the time to appreciate the moment as it presents itself. Enjoy the portion of your life that you're in. If you're raising kids - enjoy the craziness of it all. "Growing kids" is the hardest thing I have ever done and will do -- but I absolutely love the insanity of it all. The jumping off the couches, coffee table, chairs - ok, off of anything horizontal...  it's fantastic to think that these are human beings that are ultimately going to change the world for the better, and I have a hand in that.

Have a great week everyone!
Love the life you're in.

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