Sunday, July 19, 2015

Casablanca, Morocco

I took these photographs in Casablanca, Morocco in 2007. This was an enclosed area which included a school area and a synagogue.

The first photograph has the name of the parsha being read that week and the time that candle lighting for Shabbat was.

Below is the entrance to the synagogue. Very unassuming...

...but very pretty on the inside. This is looking from the front of the synagogue toward the back.

Looking toward the front where the Ark is. Here's the back of the bima, where the baal Tefillah (the leader of the congregation) stands and Torah reading occurs.

The Aron -- the Ark where the Torah is stored.

We use the same siddur everywhere around the world. You can see the Shema on the left side of the photo, "Hear O'Israel".

Some beautiful kids playing in the yard.

And we can't live without a bakery across the street! :)

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