Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Time Flies, Life Changes -Random Thoughts

It's more than three months since I last wrote, and life has changed. Wow. Looking over my last post from the beginning of April, I could never have imagined.

Pesach was successful - aka we put away our Chametz, pulled out the Passover paraphernalia, and actually returned it all to it's hiding place when we were done with the holiday. 

My father passed away May 23rd. (Ran back for the funeral with my two youngest and had the most exhausting shiva ever - but ever grateful to friends and family who were able to stop by and those who contacted me in other ways.) There's never a good time to go - but I know that he had a good life, thank Gd.

The school year ended, phew. It was a doozy... but at least it wasn't on Zoom (aargh!)

And now we're doing "Mommy Camp", no joke, we have the t-shirts to prove it.

In other words, I'm cooked. I'm tired. But I'm not so cooked, and not so tired to appreciate what I have. I have been waiting for this summer for two years! Covid summers are borrrrrrring. So finally, we are here and we're going to take full advantage of it.

Life is crazy, and there are parts I *really* would NOT miss not being a part of ie. funerals and shivas. And honestly, I hate going to these things, I'm more of a wreck than the person at the funeral/shiva - so unfortunately, I'm not so great at going, so I have to shout out and thank those who came to be there with me and my family.

So while we can't do much about the parts of life we could do without, we need to focus on the parts that we can "control". We are running Mommy Camp - mornings are for running around, we return to the house around noon, for the 2 year old's nap time and serving lunch - and for the downtime where the kids enjoy their computer time for coding and games. Then in the afternoon we try to get some art project done - or our new hobby (hopefully)... woodworking!!! (I just got hammers, nails, saw and a drill!) Haha!!!

Life is quite the roller coaster - ups and downs and not much "control". But HaShem trusts us to learn and grow from each turn on that roller coaster... and we should learn to trust ourselves too.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer! 

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