Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Welcome to Take a Jewish Minute.  This is my corner where I explain my philosophy on life. None of these thoughts are original.  They are a conglomeration of ideas that I've heard and learned about through the years.  

Who am I?  I am a Jewish woman looking at the world through traditional Jewish glasses.  I do not believe in labels - they only limit us.  I've heard too many conversation start with the same refrain, "I'm not religious...", "I'm Reform, I do/don't..."  or "I'm Orthodox, I do/don't..."  The Torah was not given exclusively to one group at Mount Sinai, rather the Torah is the guidebook for all Jews.  

Judaism is about learning and doing.  Striving and moving forward.  Seeing Jacob's ladder - grabbing a hold of it and climbing.  Pushing to do and understand.

Who am I?  I am not a rabbi, nor am I someone with all the answers.  Like my grandfather once said - Who is the wise person?  It's not the person with all the answers.  It's the person who knows where to go find the answers.

Life is about learning and growing.  Judaism is the frame for that process.  I wish all of you well finding your way in that process.  Feel free to comment and suggest ideas.  I look forward to your thoughts.


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