Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How Well Does Your Synagogue/Temple Fit You?

Welcome back from the Holidays everyone! Back to a full work week... shucks :)

This article is an interesting one - one that I would like to follow up with. What are your issues with your synagogue/temple? Why do you enjoy going? Or do you? What parts would you keep, dump or improve? Being part of a community is very important - how do you see your synagogue/temple as part of that?

Or - Do you not belong to a synagogue/temple at all? Is being part of a community a consideration for you? Why/Why Not?

Dues Are Not The Sole Stumbling Block for Young Families

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Unknown said...

My synagogue is not really an ideal fit for me, but rather the lesser of the available evils. I look for a shul with egalitarian services that maintains traditional liturgy in Hebrew while remaining progressive. I also would like a shul community where my daughter had peers that were in attendance at Shabbos Services and that had a strong youth group for the middle school and high school students and a captivating Hebrew School program. I might be asking for too much here. Maybe I should just attempt peace in the middle east?