Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day #3 Without Facebook

I'm starting to get over the need to post articles I find interesting to Facebook. I've been online, checking the news and randomly the thought will cross my mind to post it to Facebook. Then of course, I'll remember that I'm off this week (although I am posting these articles to FB.)

It was a nice, not particularly a productive day, but we did get to a stretch of toilet training and a quick run to the park - too hot! Most importantly, the kids played nicely together, that's always nice to see.

I finished my current 5 minute a day book. Although, recently I've been having more than 5 minutes to read because the child with whom I'm sitting -- does not decide to go to sleep so quickly. Why? I guess all parents ask that -- why? Why are you not sleeping yet?!

Anyway, the book is called One-Minute History Lesson: Six Millennia of Great Jewish Leaders. It's a good book, sort of like a cliff-notes version of 6000+ years of Jewish leadership. What impressed me is the amount of scholarship, writing, wisdom and knowledge that these men (although a few women are mentioned) have left to the Jewish People. It's a great overview of these people, but I was disappointed that the last Lubavitcher (Chabad) Rebbe was left out. He lived from 1902-1994, and really attempted to reach every Jew out there. Read here for a short biography of his life. It's a good book, but it is more focused on the Ashkenazi and Sephardi leaders rather than the Chasidic ones, (although some of the Chasidic founders are mentioned). All in all, I do recommend this book.

Now I'm off to do some exciting paperwork that I've been avoiding for too long... good night everyone!

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