Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Jewish Books to Read/Online Hebrew Resources

My new Jewish books five minute a day are:
* The Real Messiah? A Jewish Response to Missionaries by Aryeh Kaplan
An excellent book. What's nice about it is that it is broken down into essays and you can feel like you are able to finish a section at a time. It is important reading, and easy reading, so even if you're not really into the subject - it is readable,  and understanding where Judaism stands on the Christian "savior" is important for all Jews (Spoiler: he's not the Jewish "savior".)

* Dear God: The Chassidic path to universal meditation
This book is based on Rabbi Nachman of Beslev's teachings. It is fascinating. It starts with talking to G-d for five minutes a day, in your own language and really gives an understanding on how to use that to build a connection to G-d. I'm still working through it, but I'm throughly enjoying it.

Hebrew Resources: My kids (5 and 3 years old) love these web pages!

If anyone has other suggestions of online resources, feel free to comment below.

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